Songs about hunking

by Typical Hunks

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released August 14, 2015

Bass - Nick Mann
Drums - Dr. Rhythm
Guitar & Vox - Christopher Marshall



all rights reserved


Typical Hunks Reading, UK

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Track Name: Cry Wolf
Knowing of the crime
I tow the line
speaking of the crime
I make it mine

It's people you know
in places you recognise
boys will be boys
so shrug and close your eyes

we say
they cry
they all
cry wolf

some flashing blue lights
reflect off white tiles
a black hatted man in a white vest
goes to bed with the lie

so here's to three years of my education
seminars on the dangers of compassion
my life's ambition's
a boutique burger
Track Name: Friar Street
Hey let's play a game of
friar street bingo

will he ask that girl if
she's free and single

but now she's stacked it
and broken both heels

at least she's walking home
on an even keel

Some guy's got a point to
prove to himself or someone

so he thinks it's fun to
start on a policeman

he doesn't realise that
there's three more cops

that manhandle his arse
into some handcuffs

guy's doing up their flys
from side alleys

girls walking arm in arm
keeping themselves steady

you've got blood on your face
bouncer's got some news

"you ain't getting in tonight, mate.
you ain't got no shoes"

There's a group of lads
outside the bugle

looks like shit is
gonna get medieval

they look as hard as fuck
but they're shit at punching

in fact they look just like two
gorillas hugging

tears of pain and joy,
love and sadness

there's a lad half cut
singing to no one

there's a pool of vomit
complete with g string

just goes to prove that there's still a chance of a sure thing

fueled by jaegerbombs
and desperation

he staggers up to her
and dances like his dad

disgusted, she runs away from him
and he runs to a strip club